Workshop: Climate Change and river ecosystem at the Tigris river.
A workshop with Kids from Khanke/Kurdistan Autonomous Region Irak – KRI. Cooporation with the Initiative Our Bridge a non-political and non-religious humanitarian aid organisation fighting for the shelter, guardianship and school education of orphans, semi-orphans, refugees and children in the crisis regions of Northern Iraq. 12.December 2022. Khanke/ Kurdistan Autonomous Region Irak – KRI.

Seminar: Encountering waterscarcity and escalating risks at khabur river basin.
Department of Spatial Planning. University of DUHOK. 29th November 2022. Kurdistan Autonomous Region Irak – KRI.

Moderation: International Dokumentation at Duhok International Filmfestival IFF. 01.-08.December 2022 Kurdistan Autonomous Region Irak – KRI.

Presentation: Women Building Resilience Against Environment Crises in North East Syria / JINWAR | Universität Wien Vienna Anthropology Days 2022 26. – 29. September 2022. WIEN

Panel: at Kurdish Filmfestival 2022 Berlin: Monitoring Euphrat and Tigris
(Karl-Lieb-Knecht Haus | Rosa-Luxemburg-Saal Berlin, 15th October 2022. BERLIN

Präsentätion: Performance Studies International, conference #27. Water, War, Drought: North and East Syria.
Şermin Güven, Nilufer Gros, Engin Sustam, Xezne Ibrahim, Hevi Musa, Celil Kaya. Online. 2022

EXHIBITION: Gebaute Utopien + JINWAR | Contructed Utopias + JINWAR Juni-August. 2022. Berlin

Presentation: Ten years of war in Syria. Ten years of ecological disasters – their cascades and water supply shortages. – A political crisis.“Images of Peace” Finnisage (29 Oktober 2021) Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstr. e.V., Urbanstr. 21, 10961 Berlin. (Berlin Exhibition date: 01 October 2021 – 29 October 2021)

Presentation: Mobilising along Euphrates-Tigris: translocal civil society, environmental contestations, and the concept of ‘Mesopotamia’, at: EASA2020: New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe. Lisboa (20-24 July 2020).

Presentation: Internationale(Städte-)Partnerschaftsarbeit im Kontext von Repression (Workshop), at: 19. entwicklungspolitisches Fachforum „Das Gegenteil von gut ist gut gemeint: Internationale Partnerschaftsarbeit – Vielfalt, Versäumnisse und Perspektiven“ Berlin (27 November 2019)

Presentation: Opposing the non-negotiation of water policy concerning the river Tigris/Turkey. Panel: The (non)negotiability of infrastructural development: examples from the Global South II at: German Anthropological Association (GAA) conference “The End of Negotiations?” Konstanz (30 September 2019).

Digital Projects

Map project (shaping waters): Below the line above the line.
Cooporation and advising the exibition project of Iacopo Gallico (©2022) at the Kurdish Film Festival Berlin September/October 2022

Mind Map and analyse on escalating risks regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany and Iran – based on a review of press releases and scientific research between April 2020 and February 2021.

Digital waterscarcity map of euphrat and tigris river basin Turkey/Syria/Irak [work in process]

Güven, Şermin; Stich, Daniel (2020) LehreWiki. Projekt von Prof. Dr. Martin Voss.: Ökologische Kommunikation und Soziologie des Risikos nach Luhmann. Ökologische Kommunikation: Kann die moderne Gesellschaft sich auf ökologische Gefährdungen einstellen? (1986)